Sunday, September 28, 2008

I updated my Scrappy Room!

I finally snapped some new pictures of my scrappy space!
I re-arranged a lot of things to work better for stamping! ( you can click on any pictures to see close-ups!)
My furniture is from Pottery Barn. I love it! This is my main scrappy area here.
These shelves are from Pottery Barn, but are discontinued. I got them on a HUGE bargain! My shelves hold my SU ribbon, acrylic blocks, MM paints, Stickles, SU Markers, Primas, and some scrappy projects. Under the shelves on the let side is a set of small drawers that hold all of my sponges - I have a drawer for all the SU colors, that way, I can just reach for the color I want and I am not wasting them from one project to the next. On top of that, sits my ATG gun, brayers, glue and stamp cleaners.
My bulletin board holds cards from swaps and some stuff I have created as well.

Here is a close up of my new Ikea BYGEL rails! Love them!

Another shot of my cubes, which hold all my SU paper and other brands as well. My cuttlebug and Bigshot live there too!

Here is the right hand side of my desk. That's my other fav spot. My TV, computer and photo printers live over here!



~~Lisa~~ said...

Wowie, Tori! Your scraproom is sooo beautiful! I love the clean and sleek look it has. May you spend many happy hours there!

janet said...

I'll be right over!!! The room is amazing. Love the furniture. Have fun scrappin!

Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

I love your scraproom chick!! I can only dream of having one like this someday!

Karen Berry, a.k.a. Art Chick said...

I'm a little late in commenting on this but OMG--it is gorgeous! I was so excited--I saw a couple of my cards on your bulletin board! If I could only kick out my daughters...I could have a great room also! Don't want to sound stupid but what is "PB?"