Friday, May 20, 2011

Crocheted Washcloths!

Another quick post! Some of you know that along with paper crafting, I also love to crochet!! I am now offering crocheted washcloth/dishcloths in my Etsy store.

These are 100% cotton - soft enough for babies, but strong enough for scrubbing dishes! These make a great baby shower or house warming gift. Currently, I have these 2 sets available, but am working on some solid colored Spa sets!! These will be wonderful in your guest bathroom along with a nice soap!

They are machine washable and driable, but it is best to air dry them.

Set of 2 Pink, Brown and Cream Washcloths:

Set of 2 Yellow, Blue and White Washcloths:

I would love to hear some feedback on these!



Linda said...

Wow great crochet!!! I just finished some red ones!!!! Great job!!!!!

Danielle said...

Hello Tori, those are great, my mom makes them for me!