Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Blog is Born!!

My friend, Dee, has taken the plunge!! She just started her blog tonight, so hop on over and give her some LOVE!!



Tori Wild said...

Hey! Yeah, I've heard their are issues going through thick cardstock on the MS punches--- I sharpen mine with aluminum foil and then wax paper (just fold the foil and make a bunch of punches to sharpen and then the waxed paper makes it smoother. I was at Michael's the DAY they put them up and they were already down to 3 edge punches left, and NONE of the lacy heart ones. Don't they know they need to hold those for me? :) If you find one, let me know-- I have another online buddy looking too!! Thanks so much! Tori

Tori Wild said...

I have one on the way!! Kerry D.C. saw I posted something about looking for it a couple of days ago and picked it up for me yesterday! YAY!! :) Thanks so much for the sweet offer to help me hunt it down!!