Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School!

Hi there! Sorry for the absence....I was so busy last week getting the kids back to school and getting errands done! I also am getting over mono, so have been moving a little slower and napping a little more often!

I wanted to share some pics with you of the first day of school! I will be back later today with some PTI cards. Here are the boys the morning before school. They are so proud of their new lunch boxes and backpacks!
Parker is going into 1st grade. He is obsessed with pulling up his socks! I try to bribe him to fold them down, but it does not work! I guess it will be great blackmail material for his high school girlfriends!
This is him with his teacher!
Katie is going into 8th grade and was so ready to get back to her friends, etc!
This is my baby, Carson. He is going into Pre-K. This is his sweet teacher! He liked school and was mad when I got there to pick him up b/c he wanted to stay and play longer!
That's all, folks! ~Tori

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