Saturday, August 22, 2009

Updated Scrap Room Pics

Happy Saturday!

I snapped a few pics earlier this week of my updated punch storage and organization on my desk.

**Warning** - messy pictures!

I finally hung the rest of my Bygel rails from Ikea. I moved my SU ribbon in the baskets off of my desk and hung them on the rails. As I add more punches, I will move the ribbon baskets.

I wanted to show you where the punch storage is in my office. It's a perfect location for me. I am a lefty, so all I have to do is lean over and grab what I need! See, I told you messy!
(click on photo, for a better view)
This is where most of the magic happens! LOL! I do tend to make a huge mess when I craft, but I do have a 'place' for everything! :) I was in the middle of working on some PTI cards and did not feel like clearing it caught me, I am messy!
Over & Out! ~Tori


Patti J said...

If this is messy, I vow to NEVER post pictures of MY area!!! You are lucky to have a 'room'! What a beautiful setup you have! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!! I LOVE your punch storage!

jealeo said...

Tori, I just got those Bygel rails from IKEA! LOVE THEM! I love having the punches out so I can see them, it means I use them more!
What is the slat board behind your desk? It looks so nice and organized. Beautiful room!